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Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

Address: 4850 West Powell Rd POWELL, Oh, 43065
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The phone number for Columbus Zoo and Aquarium in POWELL, Oh is (614) 645-3465
Web Site: http://www.colszoo.org
Industry: Zoo

Columbus Zoo and Aquarium Information about mammals and birds around the world, conservation efforts, and what the zoo is doing to help.

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Review (20) by: geomorphColumbus Zoo and Aquarium is located in Powell, Ohio, 15 miles North of the downtown of the largest city in Ohio. It is not served by the bus system except for some infrequent daily trips during the summer, which is unfortunate for such a major attraction of the area. The zoo is justifiably admired and much of it has the feeling of a tasteful theme park, which is further reinforced by a seasonal water park and small ride park called Zoombezi Bay and Jungle Jacks Landing respectively.


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Columbus Zoo and Aquarium
4850 West Powell Rd POWELL Oh 43065